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Mini-Split Systems

Engineered to the highest standards, using the most advanced technology, the Hitachi mini-split offers extraordinary performance and control.

Mini-VRF Systems

The Hitachi Mini VRF System delivers just the right amount of cooling and heating to every space using no more energy than necessary. The small footprint outdoor unit combined with generous piping limits gives you flexibility to install on rooftops or the ground. And the modular design makes indoor unit installation quick and easy with multiple options floor-by-floor and room-by-room. With both ducted and duct-free VRF indoor units, the Mini VRF System is an excellent choice for both new and retrofit residential and light commercial applications.

VRF Systems

Hitachi VRF is a complete line of VRF equipment - including air-source heat pump, heat recovery, low ambien heat pump and water-source VRF systems - that enables you to bring smart solutions to applications that challenge other HVAC equipment.

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